Starfloor Vinyl Modular

Starfloor makes you the designer of your own floor by mixing and matching from a wide-ranging combination of plank and tile decors. Starfloor is where simplicity meets creativity. Planks and tiles come in easy to carry boxes and with a selfadhesive backing that makes laying easy and intuitive. Each floor is ‘made to measure’ in design and dimension, so there is little waste. As all planks and tiles are highly resistant to stains and scratches there is minimal maintenance making Starfloor the ideal economic and ecological choice.

Starfloor Click Vinyl Modular

Starfloor click is a quality product of vinyl planks and tiles for all rooms in the house. Easy to install, with a solid click locking system that locks perfectly into place, Starfloor Click makes renovations simple. It is highly resistant, has a great durability and is a product that adapts exquisitely to different types of architecture, even the most modern and contemporary. Last but not least, Tarkett created Starfloor Click with a focus on respecting the environment.

Floor in a Box Vinyl Modular

  • Floor in a Box is a Tarkett flooring innovation.
  • Floor in a Box is an all new flooring concept from Tarkett.
  • It is the uniquely different way to design and install a floor. With all you need in the box – you can let your imagination go and get redecorating your home.
  • Easy to choose from a wide range of design decors
  • Easy to carry small boxes
  • Easy to plan design – 2m²
  • per box for rapid calculation
  • of room requirements
  • Easy to install strips 22cm wide with self-adhesive backing which can be taken up and re-laid within an hour
  • Easy to care for – simple vacuum or damp mop cleaning

Atelier Wood 

For its beauty, strength and character, wood is the flooring of choice in homes and high-end shops, hotels and restaurants. Tarkett has created its ATELIER collection of exclusive oak wooden flooring to bring a new level of craftsmanship, quality and expression to interior design. ATELIER is a collection conceived and produced in Europe to bring you the ultimate in wooden floors, adapted to live and age in perfect harmony with indoor and outdoor European climate and lifestyles. Our floors are constructed to provide high stability and resistance with a beautiful patina that adds to a lived-in and loved feel over time. All products in ATELIER collection are Cradle To Cradle certified.

Classic Wood

CLASSIC Collection – the simple way to bring the beauty and practicality of real wood into your home. With our Scandinavian flair in wood selection, rendering, staining, finishing and treating, we ensure that you’ll find the right choice of colour, format and surface effect to create beautiful, comfortable and personal living spaces. The CLASSIC range is also giving smart and practical solutions for segments in hospitality, shops and offices. Our floors are built to last, to withstand changes in indoor temperature and conditions and against daily wear and tear thanks to Proteco – one of the strongest surface protections on the market. Most products in CLASSIC collection are Cradle To Cradle certified.


Laminate is comfortable. Made out of 84% wood, it provides natural thermal insulation. Installed with an adapted underlayer, it is even cosier and can provide a good sound insulation. Laminate is therefore recommended in bedrooms for a cocooning atmosphere.

Laminate is durable and strong, thanks to its construction: the high density core board offers a top impact resistance and is able to withstand heavy furniture without denting. The top layer protects the surface against scratching and fading. Laminate is therefore also adapted for rooms with great activity.

Our laminate has a hard sealed surface and its overlay is stain resistant. Melamine based, it is also an excellent barrier against germ propagation, contributing to keep a healthy home. Our tight locking systems also prevent dust and dirt from getting stuck on the surface and in between planks, so when cleaning time comes, a vacuum and a humid mop with soft detergent is all that is needed.

Quick and without mess, installing laminate is open to all Sunday DIYers! There is minimal under-floor preparation and few tools are needed. In addition, having a floating installation allows laminate to be walked on right away. Our new-generation locking system (2-Lock) even takes 50% less time and can be handled by a single person!

The boards that are the core material of laminate planks are made out of compressed wood that is recycled leftover wood pulp. Tarkett laminate is made of 84% wood and can be recycled as combustible material for the industry, for example to generate electricity.

Vinyl Roll

When it comes to interior design, everyone has his or her own style. Vinyl flooring brings an unlimited choice of designs – from classic to contemporary with a world of colours, patterns and textures in between. With wood, stone or vibrant effects in metallic or graphic designs, there is a Tarkett vinyl flooring to suit your taste.

Nothing’s more demanding that the hive of activities in each room of your home. Vinyl flooring offers a solution for everything – water-resistant in bathrooms, hard-wearing for hallways, practical in kitchens. As your needs evolve, and your kids grow older, vinyl flooring can provide for every next step in your family life.

If the first thing you do when you get home is kick off your shoes, you’ll appreciate the underfoot comfort of a vinyl floor. Tarkett also makes its flooring to provide good thermal and acoustic insulation – good news for the ears if you have kids playing on the floor above!

Everyone likes a clean and tidy home, but without hours of housework. Tarkett vinyl flooring couldn’t be simpler to maintain, with a simple mop and vaccum routine. As it’s hard-wearing, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, vinyl flooring keeps your home fresh and looking good.

No need to call in the professionals. Laying a vinyl floor is very easy with three simple methods depending on the size of your space. Tarkett has all the advice and accessories to help you achieve a perfect job. An ideal flooring for those who regularly want to relook their home!

People are looking more carefully at the quality of materials to create healthy living spaces and ensure well-being at home. Tarkett’s vinyl flooring is made to bring real benefits. It’s eco-designed to have low emissions, contributing to improved air quality. And now Tarkett is removing phthalates from its flooring to also contribute to improved indoor environments.