At Floor Installation Service, you will find a variety of today’s finest carpet fashions to match your interior décor, including sophisticated patterned Berber and luxurious fine Saxonies. Our professional staff can help you find the right carpet for every room in your home, making the job easier and more enjoyable through our unmatched service.

Did you know that carpet offers insulation that can help lower your energy bills? By insulating almost 17 times better than other types of flooring, carpet can improve both the warmth and comfort of your home with a wide selection of soft textures.

There are several types of carpet fibers, including polyester, nylon and olefin. Polyester fiber is soft and has good colorfastness, but is not as durable as nylon. Nylon fiber offers the best combination of ease of maintenance, value and performance because it is good for high traffic areas. Olefin fiber comprises carpets like Berber, and can be utilized indoors and outdoors because it is resistant to stains, mildew, static and mold.

You may be under the impression that no matter the fiber, carpet is impossible to keep clean, but we offer a number of stain resistant options that can withstand spills, pet accidents and debris from outside.

If you are searching for carpet with a touch of style, or even if softness is what you desire, Floor Installation Service, Inc. has what you are looking for. We offer texture, loop, pattern and twist carpet in an array of colors from Mohawk® and Shaw® that will match your interior décor.

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